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Extraction Machines to Match Your Production Needs

Systems range in size from 10-14 lbs (per day) Bambino™ to the larger 25-31 lbs (per day) Transformer™, the 126-180 lbs (per day) Duplex™ and the 140-200 lbs (per day) Force™ series which are expandable up to 40 liters and 80 liters, respectively. Our new Force™ supercritical system is capable of processing up to 200 pounds of material per day!

In addition to designing and manufacturing new systems, Apeks Supercritical sells used and refurbished systems from our trade up program – a great option for businesses just getting started or who want to increase their production with minimal capital investment.

Additional Pricing & ROI Information
Pricing/ROI Info

Bragging Rights

Our team of experienced engineers and skilled fabricators have been designing, building, and refining our CO2 extraction systems for 17-plus years. This expertise has resulted in Apeks-driven innovations, such as our patented Valveless Expansion Technology (no clogging), energy-efficient Diaphragm Compressor Technology (20 to 50% faster extractions while consuming half the power), and patent-pending 5000psi Dual-Phase Pumping System, which utilizes a combined gas and liquid platform for large-scale production with a wide range of processing options — at twice the speed of extraction!

Return on Investment

Remarkably, our extraction systems deliver an average return on investment of only 8 days. ROI data for all of our systems can be found on the Pricing page. We also pride ourselves on offering safe, exceptionally user-friendly, fully automated systems. And we think you’ll find our customer support is best-in-industry, bar none.

Wide Range of Applications

Apeks extractions systems are designed for numerous applications — everything from natural flavorings and essential oils to cannabis and tobacco. Supercritical fluid extractions (SFE) using CO2 can be used in a variety of industries, such as decaffeination of coffee beans and hop oil extraction for brewing beer, to name a few.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We love the reliability of our system. There is a very low occurrence of interrupted extraction runs and that is very important to our business. We also own a competitor’s CO2 extraction machine that has given us trouble with clogging and darker color oil compared to our Apeks extractor.”

— Joel P.,  SJR Labs, Maine


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Midwest/South/West Coast/Western Canada

Call 740-809-1160, Ext. 725 or email Jake Didion!

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Call 740-809-1160, Ext. 719 or email Nick Prystash!


Call 740-809-1160, Ext. 715 or email Dave LaRussa!

 The Apeks Advantage: Superior Systems, Stellar Service

Safer, cleaner, purer with CO2

  • Non-toxic, non-flammable and environmentally friendly and leaves no trace of solvents
  • Simple fractional extraction and cold separation processes preserve volatile oils for higher yields
  • Systems built with two levels of safety protection – electrical and mechanical



Standards & Credentials

  • All systems adhere to the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel codes, the National Electric and International Fire codes and FDA/3-A Sanitary Standards
  • Engineering Peer Review (EPR) certified by Pressure Safety Inspectors (PSI) Professional Engineers in Colorado, Washington, Nevada, Oregon, California, Maryland and Pennsylvania, as well as approved by other state regulatory boards and multiple municipalities
  • UL Listed, meeting the nationally recognized standards for safety
Check out Engineering Peer Review (EPR) certifications of Apeks Supercritical CO2 extraction systems
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