Extraction Systems

Closed Loop Extractors:
Oil extraction machines to match your production needs.

Apeks Supercritical manufactures systems to suit the start-up entrepreneurs, to those in the full swing of production at a large scale facility. Our closed loop systems can process anywhere from 10 pounds of dried botanical material per day, to 200 pounds per day with the Duplex®. You can even expand to 600 pounds using our Fleet™ platform!


The Bambino®

10 – 14 pounds / day

Mid Range:

The Transformer®

25 – 31 pounds / day

HIgh Output:

The Duplex®

126 – 180 pounds / day

High Output:

The Force®

140 – 200 pounds / day

Large Scale:

The Fleet™

Up to 540 pounds / day

The Fleet allows you to add up to three systems to one single outdoor chiller. You can add either The Duplex®, The Force®, or a combination of the two! The effect of daisy chaining systems means your capacity is increased, yet your energy efficiency is not increased as well because of the single chiller that operates all three systems.

The Apeks Advantage

We’ve earned our bragging rights!

Wide range of applications

Our CO2 extraction systems are versatile!

Frequently asked questions about Apeks CO2 extraction systems.

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Apeks Supercritical closed loop extractor systems.

Why do customers choose Apeks systems over competitors?

We take pride in offering safe, exceptionally user-friendly, fully automated systems. Our customers are more than just customers, and we set them up to succeed by providing best-in-industry customer support. On-site training (for U.S. customers) is included in the price of purchase.


Apeks has CO2 closed loop extractors for sale that are manufactured in as little as 8 weeks, while some of our competitors are eight months out! We are steadfast in our commitment to quality and there are some things we simply will not compromise on therefore, we offer a 3-year warranty across all of our systems. 

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