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Apeks Supercritical manufactures systems to suit the start-up entrepreneurs, to those in the full swing of production at a large scale facility. Our systems can process anywhere from 10 pounds of dried botanical material per day, to 200 pounds per day with the Force®. You can even expand to 600 pounds using our Fleet® platform!

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The Fleet®

How does the Fleet® work?

Up to three systems use a single chiller that is installed outside. This means you won’t need an expensive air conditioning unit because all the heat generated can simply diffuse into the open air! Inside the building, you have temperature control units that control each system. Pipes fed through the wall mean you can start with a single system and then expand as needed! Daisy chaining systems means you can process large amounts, all with only one chiller. 

One chiller to rule them all!


A single chiller is designed for outdoor use (similar to an A/C unit) and means lower maintenance costs. An external chiller also helps with Good Manufacturing Processes, which is important when it comes to licensing. The external chiller can process up to three of our high output systems – The Duplex® or The Force®, effectively tripling your output. 

The Apeks advantage.

As with all our systems, you can bank on getting the highest quality, with the latest innovations, like cold separation, diaphragm compressor technology and a three-year warranty! Separate, smaller systems means you can go offline on one system, without stopping production. It allows for the flexibility to do small strain-specific runs, harvesting terpenes along the way!

Our company has been around since 2001 and are fast becoming the largest in the industry with our acquisitions of additional extraction companies, offering multiple types of extraction options. In addition to a solid company, now we don’t have to compete with our competitors because we all offer extraction systems, albeit with different solvents.

In addition to a solid foundation, Apeks Supercritical has a team of dedicated engineers that are constantly working on innovations and developing new technologies.

We have over 600 systems installed in the cannabis industry, worldwide! Most of our systems are installed in the United States, but we have systems in Europe, Australia, south America and Scandinavia.

We are so much more than a high-quality CO2 extraction equipment manufacturer. We are dedicated to establishing relationships with our customers to empower them to succeed.


That’s the Apeks Advantage!!

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Earlier we mentioned that our systems can fractionate. What does that mean? Let me tell you! Fractionation is when you tune your system to different parameters to obtain different outputs. For example, a short 20-40 minute run (depending on your system), you will then pause to extract terpenes (flavor and smell of the plant, and does not contain cannabinoids). Then you continue to sub critical parameters (low pressure, low temperature) and harvest the extract again. Finally, you complete the run with a supercritical parameters and by the end, you’ve completed three different fractions!

Speaking of terpenes.

Terpenes have never been more popular and our systems allow for terpene extraction! Ethanol extractors can’t do this, so precious terpenes are lost. Terpenes are the smell and flavor of the plant. They also contain properties that are proving effective in treating ailments, so they are very valuable. Read more below in the “More Information” section. 

It's all about scale.

The Fleet® looks to the future and allow you to scale up. You can purchase a single system, and have your facility set up to allow for future growth. When you’re ready, simply add to the chain and expand your business intelligently. Also, you don’t need to expand in the same place! If you have a facility with several rooms, as long as the pipes are installed around the building, through all the rooms, you can set up each system in its own room. Talk about flexibility!

How much can I process?

We’re happy you asked! You can process up to 540 pounds per day. Our flow rate is 18.6kg/minute, which is phenomenal, even if we say so ourselves!

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How much will it cost?

That depends on how you purchase. You could buy all components up front and save thousands. Pricing starts at $481,000 so contact your sales engineer to find out more.

Hemp processing machines for sale.

We do occasionally have refurbished systems in stock. Keep an eye on our website for hemp processing machines for sale – stock doesn’t stay in stock for long! But if we don’t have systems in stock, we can build them on site in our 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Johnstown, OH. Most of our systems are built to order and our terms are 50% on signing and 50% due before shipment.

What’s the lead time?

Another good question! We can manufacture 12x20L (the three extraction systems in the illustration above) in 12 weeks since they are manufactured and assembled in the U.S. 

What If I Have a Duplex® - Can I Convert to This Configuration?​

Yes! Talk to your sales engineer to find out more, but we can convert your existing Duplex® so that you are perfectly positioned to expand.

Fine print

You will need a plumber as well as an electrician for the installation. This is because of the external to internal insulated cooling lines needed.

More Information

If you’ve read through all the above and still have questions, this section is for you! Hemp products are gaining in popularity partly because of the Farm Bill that passed recently. A whole world of possibilities suddenly opened up! We have seen a drastic increase of farmers switching from tomatoes, lettuce, corn and other crops, to hemp. Growing the plant is just step one though. Once it’s grown and harvested, it needs to be processed. There are thousands of uses for the plant but for our purposes, we’ll discuss the extracted oil.


The oil that is pulled from the plant is considered crude oil. It contains undesirable elements like fats, waxes and lipids. This needs to be removed from the extract before being sold as an oil. Below are images that show you what each run from the Apeks equipment looks like. Initially, the operator will pull the terpenes (flavors and smell). This is set aside to be introduced later. No post processing work needs to happen to this extract. The second pull is the subcritical run (low pressure, low temperature). This requires some post processing work to refine it. The third and final pull is the supercritical run and as you can see, the extract definitely requires cleaning up. 


Subcritical extract

Supercritical extract

The technology used for post processing varies. Initially, the extract will be winterized. This is not prepping the extract for winter! This is the process to remove the fats, waxes and lipids. The extract is mixed with ethanol and placed in a deep freezer overnight. The mixture is then poured into a flask with a filter and the filter captures the undesired elements. The ethanol then needs to be removed and this is done using a rotary evaporator.

Our salespeople will ask potential customers what they are hoping to produce. Based on that answer, they will recommend an extraction system ideally suited to that end product. It may not be CO2 but could be ethanol. Even prior to our partnership with an ethanol manufacturer, we would recommend an ethanol system if it made the most sense. We pride ourselves on our transparency and want customers to succeed, even if the sale goes elsewhere.


If you’re looking for a hemp processing machine, start with us – we will be sure to point you in the right direction!

Customer Care

Personalized customer support – 24/7 phone/virtual support.

Comprehensive 70+ point service plan available!

Comprehensive onsite and virtual training.

Free winterization classes for customers.


Fractional extraction and cold separation processes preserve volatile oils/terpenes.

Cold separation processing with Diaphragm Compressor Technology.

Regenerative heat exchanger allows cold separation, preventing thermal degradation, while conserving energy.


95% CO2 gas recovery, closed loop systems.

Engineered performance with up to 44% electrical energy savings over the competition.

No decompression valves, no clogging of product with patented Valveless Expansion Technology.

User Friendly

Open frame design and visual indication of valve positions allow for easy assessment of flow paths and configuration.

Online parts store.

Fully automated, energy efficient system.


Control panels are UL 508A Listed.

Manufactured in our 30,000 square foot ASME certified facility in Johnstown, Ohio.

EPR (Engineer Peer Review) in 14 states.

Industry Leaders

600+ extraction systems installed in the cannabis industry.

1 year warranty, with a 3 year warranty available.

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