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We are a technology company and a manufacturing company. We put R&D and innovation very high on our priority list in order to bring new capabilities and enhancements to our equipment for the benefit of our customers. Tech sheets are a culmination of R&D data, customer feedback and our vision for the industries we serve.

Your processing solution

We allow customers to do more.

We don’t just provide equipment, we provide solutions designed for cost-effective, efficient, and versatile high quality extraction. From start-up operations to established ones looking to expand volumes, our systems are engineered for efficiency using a unified platform technology for seamless transitioning.

Eliminate Clogging

Valveless Expansion Technology

Learn more about our patented Valveless Expansion technology, which prevents clogging.

Energy Efficiency

Diaphragm Compressor Technology

This technology allows our extraction systems to utilize cold separation with an energy-efficient gas pump.

CO2 Extraction

Why Subcritical & Supercritical CO2 Extraction?

CO2 is a safer, cleaner, purer, and faster way to extract oil, using subcritical and supercritical parameters.

Full automation

Our systems do the work.

All Apeks systems are fully automated. With the exception of The Bambino®, all come standard with Internet connectivity (email and text message alerts). This ensures consistent results and requires less training for those operating the systems. Our equipment utilizes the industrial-proven Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Control (PLC) with a simple touchscreen user-interface. The electronic controls are solely dedicated to the safety and operation of our systems including automatic monitoring of pressures. 

Competitive systems that use a desktop computer with complicated software can be prone to typical computer issues and malfunctions, like operating system failures, viruses, malware, as well as accidental exposure to environmental conditions, such as dirt and liquids.


Hear it firsthand from our customers.

The smaller (1500) bench-top allowed us to get started extracting cannabis oil with CO2 at a price we could afford. And the fact that we could trade it in to go towards purchasing a larger system gave us the flexibility to expand production as demand for our products has grown. We’re using both supercritical and subcritical CO2 of the larger 2000psi system to make a variety of oil induced products for patients. We test the oils in our labs so it is really helpful to refer to the settings which are automatically recorded.

Shayne Lynn


Return on Investment

Our throughput is superior.

This chart shows the throughput for each of our systems, subcritically and supercritically. The new Duplex® is able to process just as much subcritically as supercritically!


Hear it firsthand from our customers.

The Apeks design allows us to consistently extract pure, high-quality essential oils for our patients. The craftsmanship of the equipment is at the top of its class. The automation system and straight-forward maintenance procedures make operation and training a breeze. We are definitely Apeks CO2 proud and looking forward to the future with them!

Chance Kenva


The Apeks Advantage

Establishing Relationships, Engineering Innovation, and Empowering Customers.

Our customers are more than just a sale, we are partners who collaborate and consult so that the business excels. We were the first to CO2 extraction systems designed for cannabis and continue to lead the industry through the advancement of cutting edge technologies. We offer no hassle, fully automated, self managing equipment that allows businesses to do more.

Customer Care

Personalized customer support – 24/7 phone/virtual support.

Comprehensive 70+ point service plan available!

Comprehensive onsite and virtual training.

Free winterization classes for customers.


Fractional extraction and cold separation processes preserve volatile oils/terpenes.

Cold separation processing with Diaphragm Compressor Technology.

Regenerative heat exchanger allows cold separation, preventing thermal degradation, while conserving energy.


95% CO2 gas recovery, closed loop systems.

Engineered performance with up to 44% electrical energy savings over the competition.

No decompression valves, no clogging of product with patented Valveless Expansion Technology.

User Friendly

Open frame design and visual indication of valve positions allow for easy assessment of flow paths and configuration.

Online parts store.

Fully automated, energy efficient system.


Control panels are UL 508A Listed.

Manufactured in our 30,000 square foot ASME certified facility in Johnstown, Ohio.

EPR (Engineer Peer Review) in 14 states.

Industry Leaders

600+ extraction systems installed in the cannabis industry.

1 year warranty, with a 3 year warranty available.


Extraction equipment you can trust.

Manufactured in our ASME certified Facility

All systems adhere to the ASME boiler and pressure vessel code, National and Electric and International Fire codes, and FDA/3-A Sanitary Standards

Certified UL Listed

All systems are certified UL listed, meeting the nationally recognized UL Standards for Safety.

Engineering Peer Reviewed

Approved by Washington State Liquor Control Board, Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division, state regulatory organizations in Oregon and Nevada, as well as multiple other municipalities

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