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Giving Tree Dispensary

Phoenix, Arizona

“We can create a variety of products, all through one machine, it’s fantastic!” – Lilach Mazor Power, Owner of Giving Tree Dispensary

Who They Are

Giving Tree Dispensary is vertically integrated.

Giving Tree is one of the longest standing and well-respected grower and retailer of premium cannabis products in Arizona. Giving Tree provides a one-of-a-kind selection of consciously sourced and delivered cannabis products with an unmatched retail experience. They purchased their first Apeks system, a Transformer® 2000-5LD in 2015 and then added a 20L module the following year.


Giving Tree Dispensary is women-owned.

Lilach Mazor Power wanted to open a wellness center that combined Eastern and Western medicine but once she did her research, she realized that she had no viable business plan. It was at that time that cannabis came up on the ballot. She’s always believed in cannabis and realized that she could create a wellness center with a different product.

About the Owner

Lilach’s international background.

Lilach Mazor Power was born and raised in Israel. After her 2-year mandatory military service, she moved to New York City and loved it. She met her now-husband there and moved back to Israel after 9/11. She back-packed through south-east Asia, finished her degree, before moving back to Arizona, where she currently lives with her husband and two sons.

Company History

The Giving Tree employees are passionate and caring.

Lilach started her business in 2010 and it has grown with an amazing team of dedicated, passionate and caring employees! They are all changing the stigma, helping people and making history. Lilach feels very lucky to be in the industry and still jumps out of bed every morning!

Advice from Lilach

Lilach offers her advice.

Lilach recommends companies surround themselves with the right people and the right suppliers. She says, “The support we got from Apeks throughout the years is unbeatable.” Also, Lilach is adamant that full automation is the way to go. With her Apeks systems, she does just that!


Expansion Plan

Giving Tree Dispensary is growing with Apeks.

Giving Tree started with a 5L vessel setup and quickly learned that this was a bottleneck which impeded production efficiency. Then they added a 20L vessel which increased their daily yield and oil production. They use their system to fractionate the terpenes, then run supercritical parameters for two additional fractions.

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