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Pueblo, Colorado

“Without APEKS’s partnership from day one, we’d never be here.”
– Jim Parco, Owner of Purplebee’s and Mesa Organics

Who They Are

Purplebee’s is setting the bar higher with Apeks Supercritical systems.

See It In Action

One of Colorado’s largest extraction facilities.

Mesa Organics and Purplebee’s are situated right next to one of the largest cannabis grows in the world, Los Suenos. Los Suenos Farms approached Mesa Organics to build a partnership to become a supply-chain for the largest brands in the cannabis industry producing high-volume THC oils, terpenes and distillate under the brand Purplebee’s.

about the owner

Jim’s history in a snapshot.

Jim Parco, Ph.D., is a professor of economics and business at Colorado College. As a retired military officer, he previously taught at the US Air Force Academy, served on the National Security Council at the White House and later, with the American Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Company History

Jim returned to his roots.

Jim grew up next to Greenwood’s Restaurant – a thriving diner from the 1940s to 1980. The small building sat on the corner of Baxter Road and Highway 50 East on the outskirts of Pueblo. After Colorado legalized retail cannabis in 2012, Jim and Pam decided to buy the building and turn it into a dispensary and manufacturing business.

Advice from Jim

Jim offers advice to others.

Work with the local community to gain acceptance. Cannabis is still a touchy subject for some folks but transparency and education go a long way to overcome the stigma.


Expansion Plan

Purplebee’s is growing with Apeks.

Since 2016, Mesa Organics / Purplebee’s has continued to grow and scale into three retail dispensaries in southeast Colorado (to be fully operational by January 2020) and an 8,100 square foot processing facility in Pueblo County.

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