Respecting Mother Nature for Optimal Results

Our simple fractional extraction and cold separation processes protect plant oils by never exposing them to a temperature higher than the extraction temperatures. Other manufacturer extraction systems typically use high temperatures in the extraction and separation vessels with heaters or heated water to offset the CO2 expansion cooling. This “cooks” the collected oil, producing dark, thermally-affected oils. Mother Nature didn’t design plants to survive such high temperatures.

Our Systems Do the Work

All Apeks systems (except for the semi-automated i.1500 benchtop) are fully automated with built-in Internet connectivity (email and text message alerts). This assures consistent results and requires less training for those operating the systems. Our equipment utilizes the industrial-proven Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Control (PLC) with a simple touchscreen user-interface. The electronic controls are solely dedicated to the safety and operation of our systems including automatic monitoring of pressures.

Competitive systems that use a desktop computer with complicated software can be prone to typical computer issues and malfunctions, like operating system failures, viruses, malware, as well as accidental exposure to environmental conditions, such as dirt and liquids.

Our Throughput is Superior!

The chart below shows the throughput for each of our systems, subcritically and supercritically. The new Duplex is able to process just as much subcritically as supercritically.


Superior Systems, Stellar Service

  • Subcritical and Supercritical CO2. Using CO2 is a cleaner, safer, and purer way to extract plant oils.
  • Remarkable ROI. Depending on the system and type of extractions, the return on investment with Apeks extraction equipment can take just a few days!
  • Experience. We’ve been designing, building and refining our user-friendly CO2 extraction systems since 2001.
  • Technological Edge: Speed and Energy-Efficiency. Our patented Valveless Expansion Technology eliminates clogging and enhances the flow of CO2 for faster extractions. Likewise, the Apeks energy-efficient Diaphragm Compressor Technology provides greater processing efficiency (20 to 50% faster extracitons while consuming half the power), as well as allows for cold separation. The Dual-Phase Pumping System on the 5000psi Production Series combines a liquid pump for higher CO2 flows at higher pressures/temperatures with the Diaphragm Compressor Technology gas pump.
  • Higher-Quality, Higher-Quantity Yields. Our systems are equipped for simple fractional extraction and cold separation processes to preserve volatile oils, resulting in better and more output.
  • Expert Engineering. User-friendly, equipment featuring full, lights-out automation and data-tracking make extractions easy.
  • On-Site Training. We train customers at their facilities on system operations and best CO2 extraction practices at no additional cost.

Extraction Equipment You Can Trust

  • All systems adhere to the ASME boiler and pressure vessel code, National and Electric and International Fire codes, and FDA/3-A Sanitary Standards
  • Certified UL listed, meeting the nationally recognized UL Standards for Safety
  • Engineering Peer Reviewed: Approved by Washington State Liquor Control Board, Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division, state regulatory organizations in Oregon and Nevada, as well as multiple other municipalities

What Our Customers Are Saying

“After investigating numerous CO2 supercritical extractions companies, we made a very wise investment by choosing Apeks. The support and response from Apeks continually exceeds our expectations. Over the past 18 months, the information shared and training provided on the equipment and different extraction techniques have really helped accelerate our learning curve. Without Apeks’ shared expertise, we would have had to start from square one.”

Jim Parco, Ph.D., Mesa Organics, Pueblo, CO