Apeks Supercritical offers Vape Pen Oil manufacturing class

Interested in learning about how to manufacture high quality oils for the increasingly popular vape pens? Our vape pen oil class will show you the basic steps to create a vape pen oil suitable for most types of vape pens – refillable, disposable and re-useable cartridge types. This class is ideal for anyone considering entering the cannabis vape pen market as well as anyone currently in the vape pen market looking to expand their knowledge. This class is free to any current Apeks Supercritical customer! Cost for non-Apeks customers is $5,000 and $2,500 can be applied towards the future purchase of an Apeks Supercritcal CO2 extraction system for up to 6 months!


Apeks Supercritical Denver Service Center

2855 W. Oxford Ave. Unit 3

Englewood CO 80227

When: June 29th 10:00am-1:00pm, Lunch Provided

POC for Scheduling:

Tina Henderson – tinah@apekssupercritical.com


Class outline:

-C02 system parameters, and variables to consider

-Proper mixing of the ethanol/extract solution.

-Freezing/separation of waxes from the solution

-Filtering out the waxes, up to three times, using 2 different techniques

-Removal of ethanol through distillation

-Handling of the final product

-How to, tips and tricks on filling vape cartridges

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