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Our story started over a decade ago with a vision to provide a cleaner, safer and more efficient way to extract high quality botanical oils. We embraced a pioneering spirit and dedication to our craft to meet the unique needs of the industry. Throughout the years, the industry has changed and we have continued our relentless pursuit of new technologies and methods to provide processing solutions that allow our customers to do more. Our innovative spirit, perseverance and commitment to forging relationships for the long haul, guides us day in and day out. If there is a better way to do things, we will find it and blaze a new trail.

Customer Spotlights

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Don’t take our word for it! Hear from our customers in our Customer Spotlight section to find out how Apeks Supercritical helped them expand their operations.


The Giving Tree is one of the longest standing and well-respected grower and retailer of premium cannabis products in Arizona. The Giving Tree provides a one-of-a-kind selection of consciously sourced and delivered cannabis products with an unmatched retail experience. They purchased their first Apeks system, a Transformer 2000-5LD in 2015 and then added a 20L module the following year. 

Pueblo, Colorado

Jim Parco, Ph.D is the owner and founder of Purplebee’s and Mesa Organics in Pueblo, Colorado. Purplebee’s is the processing arm of the company, while Mesa Organics is the product brand and dispensary.


We are leading the way in innovation.

Apeks Supercritical extraction systems use carbon dioxide (CO2) as a solvent to extract oil from botanical plant material because it yields safer, cleaner and purer oil. Long known for its versatility and high efficiencies, CO2 is commonly used in many types of commercial processing, such as dry cleaning, where it removes dirt without affecting the clothing. CO2 extraction of botanical material works much the same way. The CO2 removes the oil as it passes through the plant, leaving it intact. Remarkably, the plant material will look the same after extraction as before except it no longer contains the oil.

Superior Quality

We challenge convention and strive to do things better.

We don’t just provide equipment, we provide solutions designed for cost-effective, efficient and versatile high quality extraction. From start-up operations to established ones looking to expand volumes, our systems are engineered for efficiency using a unified platform technology for seamless transitioning.

Cost Effective

We provide cost-effective, safe & reliable CO2 extraction systems.

We are broadening the sustainability of the best CO2 extraction processes with systems designed for cost-effective, efficient processes. By developing innovative and technological advances in the CO2 extraction process, Apeks Supercritical delivers superior systems with customer service that’s second to none.

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