Space and Room Requirements for Apeks Systems

How much space will you need?

It depends on which system you get, but to help plan your extraction rooms, here is a list of dimensions and components as a starting point.


65 degrees Fahrenheit minimum, 80 degrees maximum

Electrical Cabinets:

3′ clearance in front

Electricity Requirements:

Space around all equipment:

3′ around each piece


Cement to anchor Diaphragm Compressor to floor

Door size:

Minimum 36″ wide, minimum 72″ high
Recommend double doors for all equipment

CO2 Bottle Basics – click here

CO2 Monitor:

Install somewhere in the room


7″ x 10″ sign: “Danger! Potential oxygen deficient atmosphere”

Ambient Operating Temperature:

MTA TAE Evo Chiller
Tmax: +46C (114F); Tmin: -5C (23F)
Advantage Chiller
Tmax: +35C (95F); Tmin: -29C (-20F), -40C (-40F) w/ Flooded Head Pressure Control*

*Flooded Head Pressure Control is a factory option required to reach lower ambient temperatures   

System Dimensions:

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The Bambino®

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2000-20LX20LDU with Outdoor Chiller

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4X20 DUPLEX with Outdoor Chiller

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Outdoor Chiller Layout

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2-Stage 5000-20LX20LDP External Chiller

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2-Stage 5000-40LX40LDP External Chiller

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2-Stage Outdoor Chiller Layout

Please note:

When you receive your delivery, you will need a forklift to manhandle the crates into place!

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