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We are a technology company and a manufacturing company. We put R&D and innovation very high on our priority list in order to bring new capabilities and enhancements to our equipment for the benefit of our customers. Tech sheets are a culmination of R&D data, customer feedback and our vision for the industries we serve.

Cold Separation

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Apeks Supercritical cold separation processes protect plant oils by never exposing them to a temperature higher than the extraction temperatures, thereby preserving the volatile oils and terpenes, as well as retaining more THCA.

Processing Efficiency

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Processing efficiency is critical to understand when comparing CO2 extraction equipment. Learn why efficiency and time to 90% completion should be understood and why they are different than yield.

Benefits of Automation

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Automation provides consistency, safety and reliability because it monitors the system 200 times per second! It also provides data capture to create a record of the extraction. Most importantly, automation doesn’t get sick, never takes a vacation, and doesn’t complain!

Gas & Liquid Pumping

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Gas pumping of CO2 allows for cold separation and prevents thermal degradation of the botanicals compared to liquid pumping systems.

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