Apeks Supercritical Lease to Own program

We’re happy to offer our continental US* customers a lease program for our 2000-20LD model, The TransformerTM. Depending on what we have available, you could get a single 20L, a 5Lx20L, or a 20Lx20L, but the pricing is the same, no matter which system you get! The systems are fully refurbished and tested before leaving our facility.

*International customers: contact us to see if we can help!


  • 3 month minimum (paid in advance): $10K/month + shipping.
  • Deposit required.
  • Shipping is $6,600, which covers shipping both ways – save your shipping crates for the return journey!
  • Sales tax is not included above, and will be collected on all payments unless they are sales tax exempt.

Customer owns the system after 18 consecutive months of satisfactory rentals!

(Not so) fine print:

  • First three payments, deposit, and all shipping costs (including refundable shipping crate deposit) is due before system ships.
  • Customer must have a credit check and have a valid business license in the state they plan to operate in.
  • Lease contract must be signed and payment received before shipping.
  • UCC-1 will be filed.
  • Customer must have the system connected to the internet.


  • Payments are due on or before the 1st of each month. Once payment is received the code will be activated. No payment = no code = no run.
  • If the customer goes more than 1 month without payment we will expect the system to be shipped back.


  • Customer needs to retain the crating materials in order to return the system, otherwise will bear responsibility for the cost to crate for the return journey.
  • Customer must have or contract appropriate loading and unloading equipment (i.e forklift).
  • Customer must clean the system thoroughly before shipping. A Skype/FaceTime session to verify cleanliness will be done before shipping back.


  • On-site training available. Talk to your sales rep for options!

Download a Spec Sheet here

Ready to Lease?

Click on the map below to find out who handles your area and call them directly!
Canadian, East coast, Colorado and International customers, please call Dave LaRussa at 740-809-1160, Ext. 715 or email him!
Midwest, South, and West coast customers, please call Jake Didion 740 809-1160, Ext. 725 or email him!

East Coast/Canada/ Colorado/International:

Call 740-809-1160, Ext. 715 or email Dave LaRussa!

Midwest/South/West Coast:

Call 740-809-1160, Ext. 725 or email Jake Didion!