NEW Technology

Your eyes inside the system.

Introducing ReFraction™ from Apeks Supercritical. Transforming high output CO2 extraction systems into an intelligent process that maximizes output and quality. 

A change in the saturation level is reflected in behind-the-scenes graph

How does it work?

The Apeks Advantage.

Sophisticated vision sensors and software work together acting as the eyes within the system to automatically detect:

  • Saturation levels and CO2 usage
  • Switch times
  • Diminishing return start times
  • Measure in real time

    Why ReFraction™?

    ReFraction™ makes Apeks Supercritical high output CO2 extraction systems more reliable and accurate for a more efficient quality output.

  • Real time measurements throughout extraction process
  • Auto detection and notification to operator
  • Ability to customize yield
  • Integration of multiple software packages
  • Reduces quality output variability
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