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Updated 9/4/2018

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Apeks Supercritical CO2 extraction systems process anywhere from 5-180 pounds per day. So if you’re just starting out, or if you’re scaling up, we have a system for you! Our 500+ cannabis customers worldwide enjoy customized personalized support, any time of day or night. Our patented, fully-automated systems are developed by a team of in-house engineers, offer advanced data tracking, reliable performance, and all come with an industry-first 3-year warranty!

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Canadian, East coast, Colorado and International customers, please call Dave LaRussa at 740-809-1160, Ext. 715 or email him!
Midwest, South, and West coast customers, please call Jake Didion 740 809-1160, Ext. 725 or email him!

East Coast/Canada/ Colorado/International:

Call 740-809-1160, Ext. 715 or email Dave LaRussa!

Midwest/South/West Coast:

Call 740-809-1160, Ext. 725 or email Jake Didion!