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New and Refurbished Systems in Stock today

We have several new and/or refurbished systems in stock today! Scroll down for details.

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CO2 and Ethanol systems, new and refurbished, are in stock today!

We have several brand new and refurbished systems in stock now! This hardly ever happens so act fast before they’re snapped up. Regular lead time is up to 12 weeks!

New CO2 systems

1 x The Duplex 4x20L: $553,007

3x The Force 20x20L $569,560

Refurbished/Used CO2 systems

1 x The Transformer 5L: $125,000 (upgradable to add 5L or 20L)

1x The Transformer 5x5L: $172,000 w/New Pump

1x Duplex CRN 20Lx20L: $405,000

1x The Force 20Lx20L: $454,848

1x The Force 40Lx40L: $525,000

New Ethanol systems

2x CUP-15 PSI: $81,000

2x CUP-15 UL: $92,245

2x CUP-30 PSI: $142,325

2x CUP-30 UL: $163,358

3x VTS-50: $45,000

1x DC40 (460V): $84,975

Refurbished/Used Ethanol systems

1x CUP-30 PSI: $114,660

2x FFE45/60 – Call for pricing and configuration

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The Bambino®

An extraction system that is ideal for start-ups.

Our sales team will always advise that you start small. We want you to be successful so we suggest that you scale up as your production needs increase. The Bambino® is a perfect starting point for many customers!

Customer Care

Personalized customer support – 24/7 phone/virtual support.

Comprehensive 70+ point service plan available!

Comprehensive onsite and virtual training.

Free winterization classes for customers.


Fractional extraction and cold separation processes preserve volatile oils/terpenes.

Cold separation processing with Diaphragm Compressor Technology.

Regenerative heat exchanger allows cold separation, preventing thermal degradation, while conserving energy.


95% CO2 gas recovery, closed loop systems.

Engineered performance with up to 44% electrical energy savings over the competition.

No decompression valves, no clogging of product with patented Valveless Expansion Technology.

User Friendly

Open frame design and visual indication of valve positions allow for easy assessment of flow paths and configuration.

Online parts store.

Fully automated, energy efficient system.


Control panels are UL 508A Listed.

Manufactured in our 30,000 square foot ASME certified facility in Johnstown, Ohio.

EPR (Engineer Peer Review) in 14 states.

Industry Leaders

600+ extraction systems installed in the cannabis industry.

1 year warranty, with a 3 year warranty available.

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