The refurbished/certified pre-owned systems undergo a complete re-certification and the same rigorous testing at our facility as our new systems, including a 48-hour dry run to be sure they are performing flawlessly. All refurbished systems include the full complement of parts and accessories with a 1 year warranty on all but the consumable components.


Updated 9/17/18

Check back daily as we get refurbished systems often!

  • 1x 1500-1L. $29,000 + shipping (two week lead time). Scroll down for more information on the 1500-1Ls.
  • 1x i.2000-5Lx5LD (PDC-3) w/5,575 hours, 1 year warranty, 4 week lead time: $80,000 + shipping and tax
  • 1x Mobile Extraction platform with i.2000-5LD, 1,150 hours, 1 year warranty, 2 week lead time: $120,000 + shipping and tax
  • i2000-5LD (PDC-3) w/216 hours, 4 week lead time: $70,000 + shipping and tax
  • 2000-5L x 5LD (PDC-4) w/811 hours, 4 week lead time: $95,000 + shipping and tax

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The 1L system has been discontinued and we only stock refurbished units now!

Please note: the 1L does not qualify for the 3-year warranty!

Our smallest (benchtop), closed-loop, recirculating CO2 extraction system — designed specifically for small operations with limited power and/or space. Re-circulating chiller/heater, tools, and all connections included.

  • Processes approximately 1-2 pounds of dried, ground cannabis in a 24 hour period
  • Lowest price point
  • Ideal for home operations/small samples, product development and R&D
  • Semi-automated
  • Smallest footprint (fits on a counter-top)
  • Runs on 110V
  • Simply hook up the CO2 cylinder and push start – the system does the rest automatically!
View i.1500-1L Layout View i.1500-1L Electrical Requirements

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Midwest, South, and West coast customers, please call Jake Didion 740 809-1160, Ext. 725 or email him!

East Coast/Canada/ Colorado/International:

Call 740-809-1160, Ext. 715 or email Dave LaRussa!

Midwest/South/West Coast:

Call 740-809-1160, Ext. 725 or email Jake Didion!


What Our Customers Are Saying

“Our upgraded 1500-1L is running like a top! We are seeing real benefits from each of the modifications you introduced. The changes to the hoses and connectors increased ease of use dramatically. We are very happy to be partnered with superior engineering and customer service from Apeks.”
– R. Bourne,

What Our Customer’s Customers Are Saying

Upon sampling pure orange oil extract from

“We are very interested in ordering your Orange Rind Extract in bulk. The aromatic quality just blew us away!”

 — Marge, supplier of authentic essential oils for 20+ years

Depending on the system and type of extractions, equipment can pay for itself just a few weeks!
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