The Apeks Introductory Series: i.1500-1L Benchtop

Act fast if you want to buy one! As of June 2017, we have begun discontinuing this series. We have one left in stock, and only a limited number thereafter!


See how quickly the i.1500-1L can pay for itself!
Pricing & ROI

Small enough to sit on a counter-top, this system is designed for start-ups and small sample runs. No complicated control systems or computer interfaces. “Set it and forget it” operation.

Simply hook up the CO2 cylinder and push start – the system does the rest automatically!

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Features and Benefits

High Performance

  • No Clogging — With Apeks Valveless Expansion Technology (Patent No. 9132363), there are no regulating valves used in the separation process that can cause clogging of product.
  • Efficient — Extraction media is contained in extraction vessel with integral filters. Filters also act as a liquid CO2 dispersant to avoid channeling in the product. Reversible flow through the extractor ensures all material is extracted.
  • Greater Yields — Simple fractional extraction and cold separation processes preserve volatile oils for higher- quality, higher-quantity yields.
  • Less Maintenance- – Proprietary CO2 pump seal material extends life of pump seal.
  • New Compression-Style Orifice- – Improves the flow of CO2 (speeds up processing). New device also eliminates the need for Teflon tape and pipe fittings which can cause premature shutdowns.
  • Live-loaded valve packing seals to compensate for temperature variation.


  • Just hook up the CO2 cylinder and push start!
  • Simple electronic water flow switch to shut system down if re-circulating chiller is not operating.
  • Easy to clean — All stainless steel construction. Vessels have polished interiors and quick opening/closing mechanisms. All tubing can be removed and re-assembled for thorough cleaning. Separators/collection vessels use FDA sanitary-style fittings and connections.
  • Quiet, 110V electrical pump.
  • Small footprint — Designed to minimize space requirements, fits on a bench/counter. All operations occur from the front of the system.
  • Transportable.

Safety & Long-Term Reliability

  • All vessels are designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME specifications and pressure ratings.
  • Redundant safety features protect the system from accidental over pressurization.
  • Tubing connections are made with proven compression-fitting technology — the same fittings are used on aircraft and off-shore oil platforms.
  • Non-isolable pressure gauges are on each pressure-containing vessel for visual verification of depressurization prior to opening.