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Short Path Distillation Kit: 2L


Starting at $6,895 plus shipping and tax

The second generation (G2) of Lab Society’s TM Executive Series 2L Short Path Distillation Unit is even more comprehensive and integrated than any system before. This benchtop-scale distillation system includes all of the clamps, hoses, connectors, accessories, and tools to perform distillations efficiently and with ease. The system also includes material transfer tools, cleaning tools, and extra setup parts to allow the user to configure the system to fit their laboratory’s needs. Lab Society’s TM precisely engineered parts and patent pending glassware designs make the distillation process easier, less user involved, and more efficient.

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Short Path Distillation Kit: 5L


Starting at $10,195 plus shipping and tax

Lab Society’s™ Executive Series 5L Short Path Distillation Unit is even more comprehensive and integrated than any 5L system on the market. This commercial-scale distillation system includes all of the clamps, hoses, connectors, accessories, and tools to perform distillations efficiently and with ease. With Lab Society’s TM new PDH-2 distillation head, users are seeing speed increases of up to 200% from the prior 5L system. The larger distillation head capitalizes on increased flow rate and increased surface area, which drastically improves speeds and efficiencies. With the increase in throughput, users are also experiencing higher potencies due to product having less residence time in the system.

G2 Full Bore Short Path Distillation Kit


Starting at $13,495 plus shipping and tax

  • TCM-1 (Temperature Controller/Monitor) for product temperature control, ramping, etc.
  • DTM-2 (Digital Temperature Monitor – Dual) for monitoring vapor temperature in both distillation heads simultaneously; can set alarms for setpoints with an audible beep
  • PVM-2 (Precision Vacuum Monitor – Dual) for 2-point vacuum monitoring of system pressure and pump pressure
  • Full-bore Only Design
    • no tubing/hoses for vacuum connections anywhere on the system
    • maximizes molecular flow conductivity from condensers through the cold trap
  • Seam on Top Mantle Located on the Back, Away from Distillation Heads
    • No variance in top mantle heating area surrounding each distillation head
  • Dual-point vacuum sensing – one on the system, one at the pump
    • You can now see the variance between system pressure and pump pressure, to determine cold trap efficiency and pump integrity.
    • A single-point vacuum measurement on the system gives more accurate pressure measurement.
  • Simple vacuum release on the distillation head
  • Swing arm usability via utilizing extra clamps – to mount recovery flasks upwards during the start of distillation for primary fractions
  • The condenser GL caps and boiling flask Rodaviss caps are now rated for high temperatures up to 250°C.
  • Compatibility with Modular Condenser Kits (MCK) for secondary separations, etc.

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Short Path Distillation Kit: 20L


$19,995 plus shipping and tax

The 20L boiling flask holds up to 12L (10-12kg) of product per batch; This increase in surface area and volume (in addition to the new PDH-3V silvered distillation head with 40mm bore size) gives the 20L the power to output 1-2L per hour during the main body fraction. With two (2) distillation heads running simultaneously, the 20L has the ability to do 2-4L per hour output (and even more!) depending on runtime parameters. Dual Heads Running in Parallel, Rather Than Opposing: Simple tee connections for condensers, short lengths of hose. Lattice rack runs through the center of system, creating a “mirror” setup.

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