Apeks Supercritical’s oil extracting machine.

Fully automated, closed-loop CO2 botanical oil extraction systems.

Fractional or short path distillation


Short Path Distillation

Award-winning cannabis and hemp extractions.

High output Apeks Duplex System – optimized for low pressure/low temperature subcritical extractions

The Apeks Advantage

Apeks award-winning systems are manufactured in an ASME-certified facility. The system control panels are UL listed, meeting the nationally recognized UL Standards for Safety. Other manufacturers’ systems require safety mechanisms be in place before an operator license will be issued. Some types of systems even require safety zones in the facility (like bomb shelters) whereas, Apeks systems  simply call for a CO2 monitor in case of a leak. Apeks engineers continually improve system capabilities and invent new technologies, such as these: Apeks patented Valveless Expansion Technology. Features a uniquely fabricated device that decompresses the mixture of COand extracted oil in such a way that enhances the flow of CO2. (Decompression must take place before the separation process.) Because there are no valves where the separation occurs with the Valveless Expansion Technology, there is no clogging of material or obstruction in the flow of liquid CO2. The enhanced flow of CO2 speeds up the extraction process. Diaphragm Compressor Technology. Utilizes cold separation which prevents thermal degradation of the botanical material. It also helps keep the system energy-efficient by not requiring costly refrigeration mechanisms. The Dual-Phase Pumping System. Combines both a liquid pump that allows for high CO2 flows at higher pressures (faster extractions) with the Diaphragm Compressor Technology gas pump for energy efficiency and cold separation.

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