Interested in a short or long term rental option?  Need a temporary extraction solution?  Apeks Rentals can help!

Apeks Rentals has mobile extraction systems available for short term and long term.

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Short term rentals are available for daily and weekly rentals using our mobile extraction platform that features our fully functional Apeks Supercritical i.2000-5LD CO2 extraction system.  The mobile extraction platform utilizes a fully enclosed commercial trailer that has been insulated, outfitted with food grade FRP wall material, and has full HVAC with heating and cooling.

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Long term rentals are available for 3 to 24 month rental time frames using our fleet of Apeks Supercritical 2000-5LD and 2000-20LD CO2 extraction systems.   These are fully operational, complete CO2 extraction systems that are designed for a fixed location (i.e. not mobile).

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