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The People Matter the Most

The Apeks introductory series for oil extraction.

We have nearly 600 systems in production world-wide and are very proud of our technology – we believe it is the best CO2 extraction system in the market. But don’t take our word for it – read on for what our customers say!

As an economist, everything comes down to a cost-benefit analysis for me. I’ve been using Apeks systems now for over four years. To date we’ve, had seven systems rotate through our facility and every time, we look across the market to see who offers the best value. We just put the first Apeks 2-stage Force into operation, and yet again, Apeks wins the horserace, hands down. We couldn’t be happier and also couldn’t have achieved the level of success we’ve had with Apeks as our partner. That’s precisely how we see it because that’s how we’ve always been treated by Andy, Kristen and their awesome team. From one family owned and operated business to another, thanks again!

Jim Parco, PH.D.
Mesa Organics, Pueblo, Colorado

I’ve got more than 7,000 hours and over 1,400 extractions out of my system so far!

Adam B.

We love the reliability of our system. There is a very low occurrence of interrupted extraction runs and that is very important to our business. We also own a competitor’s CO2 extraction machine that has given us trouble with clogging and darker color oil compared to our Apeks extractor.

Joel P.
SJR Labs, Maine

It’s been great so far! – Terry B.

The service department is excellent. When I have problems, they’re on it. – Anonymous

Your customer service is excellent in my humble opinion. You guys are great. – John T.

Not much. You guys have been great. – Scott T.

No, your customer service is awesome. – Jack

From what little I have dealt with Apex, youre right on top of things. I wouldnt change anything. – Jan R.

Do a great job just kept it up. I love your company. – Tim R.

No. Nick and Jake are great. – Jim P.

When We Asked: Is Anything We Can Do To Improve Our Customer Service?

We are very interested in ordering your Orange Rind Extract in bulk. The aromatic quality just blew us away!

Supplier of Authentic Essential Oils for 20+ Years

Out of all the manufacturers, this is why I chose Apeks. I truly appreciate the help that you offer to your customers.

Buddy M.

Really grateful for your help, hands down best troubleshooting experience I’ve had in my career.

Chesapeake Wellness

I am writing to say thanks and give you guys a compliment. Jake has been answering my questions for weeks, since I first started running the extractor. Sometimes I call him at off hours on his cell phone and he walks me through things with the patience of a much older man. Lol.

On Thursday I met Jake, he came out and diagnosed my problem himself, then he had the part overnighted to me and my extractor is up and running again. That is what I call Great Customer Service!

Al D.

The Apeks design allows us to consistently extract pure, high-quality essential oils for our patients. The craftsmanship of the equipment is at the top of its class. The automation system and straight-forward maintenance procedures make operation and training a breeze. We are definitely Apeks CO2 proud and looking forward to the future with them!

Chance Kenva
Universal Extractions, Northern California

Our upgraded 1500-1L is running like a top! We are seeing real benefits from each of the modifications you introduced. The changes to the hoses and connectors increased ease of use dramatically. We are very happy to be partnered with superior engineering and customer service from Apeks.

A Customer of Our Customer
R. Bourne,

I’ve had the pleasure of touring your facility in Johnstown, touring the showroom in Denver, and I was able to meet Andy this past weekend. To say I’m a fan of Apeks is an understatement.

Brian S.

The smaller (1500) bench-top allowed us to get started extracting cannabis oil with CO2 at a price we could afford. And the fact that we could trade it in to go towards purchasing a larger system gave us the flexibility to expand production as demand for our products has grown. We’re using both supercritical and subcritical CO2 of the larger 2000psi system to make a variety of oil induced products for patients. We test the oils in our labs so it is really helpful to refer to the settings which are automatically recorded.

Shayne Lynn
Champlain Valley Dispensary & Southern Vermont Wellness

Thanks again, you are standouts in a complicated industry. Glad to be a customer.

Jared C.

During the sales process, the dialog with staff and access to manuals beforehand were both extremely helpful. Our local license was contingent upon having an SOP before even building our facility and It made those efforts much easier.

Steve N.
Pueblo, Colorado

Thanks so much for all you do for us. Your A1 customer service is a true asset to your company. Not too many people would respond to my inquiry on a Saturday. God bless you and Nick!

Jackie M.

After investigating numerous CO2 supercritical extractions companies, we made a very wise investment by choosing Apeks. The support and response from Apeks continually exceeds our expectations. Over the past 18 months, the information shared and training provided on the equipment and different extraction techniques have really helped accelerate our learning curve. Without Apeks’ shared expertise, we would have had to start from square one.

Jim Parco
Mesa Organics, Pueblo, Colorado 

I can independently verify this [customer support]. Additionally they follow up to ensure you get the correct part for your system. They absolutely have customer service figured out.

Instagram User

The People Matter the Most

Customer Awards and Mentions

Our customers don’t only love their systems, thanks to the cold separation process, and the clarity and quality of the oil produced with our systems, they’re winning awards!


Ryan C.

Ryan C. of California recently won several awards with the extract he got from his Apeks system:

Hempcon 2017 – highest terps

1st place at Stoners Cup – best vape pen

1st Place at Skate Sesh – best vape pen

2nd Place at Kush Stock – best vape pen

Congratulations Ryan!


Bloom Farms

Our customer, Bloom Farms, has a top 3 brand of CBD oil!

Click the link below to read the full Forbes article!



Winner of Best Flavored Vape oil at the Rooster Magazine Cup – our customer, EvoLab!

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