Why Subcritical & Supercritical CO2 Extraction

The power of CO2 Extraction

A safer, cleaner, purer & faster way to extract botanical oils.

What is CO2 extraction? CO2 is considered to be a safer method of extraction because the solvent is non-volatile. The extract is purer because no trace of the solvent is left behind. It is also versatile and helps protect sensitive terpenes, by allowing cold separation. It’s very adjustable – the operator can select custom pressures and temperatures to achieve desired results. Best of all, CO2 is environmentally friendly!


How does CO2 extraction work — the difference between sub & supercritical extraction

CO2 is unique because its solvency power can change by simply adjusting the temperature and pressure during the extraction. When the pressure and temperature of the CO2 are above 1083psi AND 88F, the CO2 is considered supercritical. If the temperature is drops below 88F, the CO2 changes to a liquid and is referred to as subcritical.

Both supercritical and subcritical CO2 act like a solvent and can extract oil from plant materials. When the pressure of the CO2 is decreased (generally to below 600psi) it converts to a gas and loses its ability to hold oils in solution and separates the extracted oil from the now gaseous CO2.

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