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Our latest innovation takes advantage of the best of both ethanol and CO2 to dramatically reduce processing cycle time by 66%! In a paradigm shift to existing CO2 extraction technology, the new Co-Solvent Injection Module introduces ethanol as a co-solvent to ensure greater utilization of the biomass. Ethanol pulls out whatever the remaining cannabinoids CO2 leaves in—along with significantly reducing extraction cycle time and improving operational efficiencies.

How Does It Work?

The Transformer 5Lx5LD with the co-solvent injection module attached

The new Co-Solvent Injection Module injects small amounts of ethanol into the CO2 stream to increase the amount of cannabinoids extracted. The injection of a 5% by volume stream of ethanol leads to up to 3x times faster extraction with roughly 2% greater overall yield. This significant acceleration of extraction speed meaningfully reduces process cycle time and expands production capacity on the same equipment by up to 300%. Along with increased speed and efficiency, the module increases the diversity of end-products delivering clear advantages in a competitive marketplace.


Why add a co-solvent?

The chart to the right shows the difference between Subcritical COand Subcritical + co-Solvent.

  • Ability to Inject 0-5% ethanol into the CO2 stream during a run
  • Up to a 66% shorter (300% faster!) extraction time depending on parameter
  • Selectable Injection time, start it after the terp run or even after initial crude run to squeeze out more
  • Will include CO2 Flow Meter
  • 100% controls integration
  • Easier Separator Cleanout
  • Reduce labor hours and cost due to reduced cycle time 
  • Lower your overall capital investments to achieve the same amount of desired output 
  • 3D Drawings
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  • Electrical Requirements
  • 3D Drawings
  • Layouts

Our senior engineer, Sam Shomper conducted a study to determine the full capacity of the co-solvent injection module. The study considered the use of ethanol as a co-solvent in a carbon dioxide extraction of cannabinoids and its effects on extraction time and overall raw yield. A control test was initially conducted to calculate the volumetric flow of liquid and supercritical CO2 and to record the amount of material collected. Additional runs were then performed with the injection of a 5% by volume stream of ethanol, first with hops and then confirmed on cannabis. Upon separation of the oil from the ethanol it was determined that the oil was extracted up to 300% faster and with roughly 2% greater overall yield.

The various fractions from a co-solvent extraction


Watch the co-solvent module in action!

The video below shows a run in full stream. You can see how simple the interface is – the run time, type, start/stop time, as well as the flow rate are all right there! 

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