High Output 5000psi: The ForceTM
Optimized for Supercritical Extractions

Prices start at $445,000

These systems can process 140-200 pounds of dried botanical material per day. They’re optimized for supercritical extraction, which means high pressure/high temperature extractions. They can also process subcritically (low pressure/low temperature), which preserves terpenes and means no post-processing!

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High Output 5000psi:
The ForceTM

Prices start at $445,000

Our most versatile and highest-yielding systems with the shortest extraction times, The Force™ systems efficiently extract botanical oils without thermal degradation at industry-leading processing rates. These systems provide high production with a wide range of processing options for supercritical and subcritical extractions.

Designed for a variety of extraction purposes, particularly high-volume production. The systems can process up to 200 pounds of decarboxylated cannabis per day!

Uses 3-phase 208v, 230v, 460v. Equipped with CO2 storage tank.

Click here for a video demo of a 5000psi 5x5L.

  • Processes approximately 140-200 pounds of dried, ground cannabis/hemp in a 24 hour period
  • Fully automated
  • Closed loop system recovers 95% of the CO2
  • Highest yield per hour
  • Ideal for high-volume production
  • Most versatile – runs subcritical and supercritical
  • Multiple 3-phase power options
  • Valveless Expansion Technology
  • Widest supercritical range
  • Our Industrial Control panels are UL Listed!

Utilizing subcritical and supercritical CO2, these systems offer high-capacity, high-production operations with fast, efficient extractions of botanical oils without thermal degradation.

These highly versatile systems provide a wide range of processing options and large-scale production capabilities. The Force™ can process up to 200 pounds of material per day!

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Effective July 1, 2017: our systems now come with a 3-year warranty! The only exclusion is consumables.

The 5000-5Lx5LDP system can be upgraded to 20L vessels!

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The Apeks design allows us to consistently extract pure, high-quality essential oils for our patients. The craftsmanship of the equipment is at the top of its class. The automation system and straight-forward maintenance procedures make operation and training a breeze. We are definitely Apeks CO2 proud and looking forward to the future with them!”

– Chance Kenva, Universal Extractions Northern California

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Call 740-809-1160, Ext. 715 or email Dave LaRussa!

Features and Benefits

High Performance

  • No Clogging — With Apeks Valveless Expansion Technology (Patent No. 9132363), there are no regulating valves used in separation process to cause clogging of product.
  • Greater Yields — Simple fractional extraction and cold separation processes preserve volatile oils for higher- quality, higher-quantity yields.
  • Data-Tracking Capability — Track and verify temperature and pressure variations.
  • Faster start-ups/shut-downs with CO2 storage tank. Requires fewer CO2 cylinders.
  • Maximum Results — Extraction media is contained in extraction vessel with integral filters. Filters also act as a liquid CO2 dispersant to avoid channeling in the product. Reversible flow through the extractor ensures all material is extracted.
  • Waste Heat Elimination — Motor driven system completely eliminates the waste heat that is produced by compressed air drive systems. This reduces facility air conditioning loads and eliminates the need for ductwork to manage the waste heat.
  • New Compression-Style Orifice — Improves the flow of CO2 (speeds up processing). New device also eliminates the need for Teflon tape and pipe fittings which can cause premature shutdowns.

User Friendly

  • Simple to Operate — No complicated control systems or computer interfaces. Open frame design and visual indication of valve positions make it easy to assess flow paths and system configurations.
  • Lights-Out Automation — Automated controls (ensure consistent results) and internet messaging (email/text notification of system condition changes). Requires little training and supervision.
  • Easy to Understand — Open-frame design and visual indication of valve positions allow for easy assessment of flow paths and system configuration. No mysterious boxes with inlet/outlet connections on the outside.
  • Production Friendly — Quick opening closures and system timer help users efficiently run their extractions automatically.
  • Low Maintenance – Our new re-circulation technology has fewer moving parts for greater reliability and lower maintenance costs (as much as 80%).
  • Easy to Clean — All stainless steel construction. Vessels have polished interiors and quick opening/closing mechanisms. All tubing can be removed and re-assembled for thorough cleaning. Separators/collection vessels use FDA sanitary style fittings and connections.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Allows for 95% CO2 gas recovery, saving operational costs.

Safe & Long-Term Reliability

  • All vessels are designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME specifications and pressure ratings.
  • Redundant safety features protect the system from accidental over pressurization.
  • Tubing connections are made with proven compression fitting technology – the same fittings are used on aircraft and off-shore oil platforms.
  • Non-isolable pressure gauges are on each pressure containing vessel for visual verification of depressurization prior to opening.
  • Our Industrial Control panels are UL Listed, meeting the nationally recognized UL Standards for Safety

Prices for The Force™ series start at $445,000

Contact us for more information on Apeks Supercritical CO2 extraction systems and which would work best for your processing needs!