Size matters! Apeks can help you get there.

So you want to get into the cannabis industry? Great! You have a 300 acre farm you’re planning to plant? Lovely! You plan to be in full swing this time next year? Settle down there, Seabiscuit. 

If you called us and we put a damper on your enthusiasm, it’s only because we want you to succeed. Jumping in with both feet is well and good if you’re jumping into a swimming pool, but you’re talking about investing thousands of dollars. Do it gradually, do it properly, and you’re likely to get it right. Dash out there and buy the biggest, fastest, meanest system on the market and you’re buying yourself a large bucket of frustration. 

If you phone an extraction company and they’re willing to sell you the largest system they have, without asking questions about your experience and background, then listen to those alarm bells pinging in the back of your mind. 

Our advice is to start small. It’s much easier to make changes and to tweak your business plan once you know what you’re doing. Buy a small introductory system and start testing. Call this the pilot phase. Document everything you do and make sure to fully immerse yourself in the whole process. Once you are producing the oil you want, consistently, then you’re ready to move on to a bigger model. 

The same goes for the next model up. Parameters will change and you’ll need to learn your new system so that you’re able to produce the quality of oil you got from your pilot system. Consistency is the key – you need to be able to recreate your results to be confident in your process.

Apeks systems are designed for scale up – intro to mid range in particular are built on the exact same platform just with higher output, while the high production system is different enough that some time will be necessary to get the product that is desired.

Apeks offers a buy-back program if you’re trading up to a larger system, so when you’re ready, give us a call. We promise not to try to sell you the biggest system we have until we’re sure you’re ready for it!

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