Equipment enhancements improve your operations

To improve the performance and efficiencies of our extractors, we rely on: 1) our experience — 16 years of manufacturing CO2 extraction systems 2) extensive research and development and 3) customer feedback. Processors gives us a great deal of insight into how we can further assist their operations. Now built into all of our systems, these new features were conceived after talking with our customers. Thanks for your input!


  1. Automated pressure-testing function. When the extractor is turned on, the system automatically feeds a small amount of CO2. Then it waits 15 seconds to be sure the separator assembly can hold pressure before delivering a large volume of CO2. This acts as a safeguard for equipment operators who may forget to reconnect a hose or close a valve. If for whatever reason the machine cannot hold pressure, they system automatically goes into “service operator mode” until the operator indicates it is ready to restart.


  1. CO2 gas recovery technology (storage cylinder solution). To eliminate contamination of rented CO2 cylinders, our closed-loop systems are programmed to redirect the recovered CO2 into two designated recovery storage cylinders. The feeder cylinder now simply serves to feed any additional CO2 after the recovery cylinders are depleted. Systems are equipped with the valves and hoses connecting the storage cylinders. Storage cylinders can be purchased from the Apeks Online Store.


  1. Venting Kit. To provide customers with yet another layer of safety and compliance, systems are equipped with venting hardware which attaches to all parts of the machine that could possibly release CO2 gas into the room. The venting tubes connect to the building’s exhaust line leading any fumes outside.


Owners of any of the Introductory and Mid-Range Production 2000psi systems can arrange to have these equipment enhancements added to their systems by contacting Customer Support.

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