They Got it Wrong!

We come across misinformation and false claims a lot in this business. So to clarify inaccuracies and keep our readers in the know, we’ll address them here in, They got it wrong!  


In the article, “Extraction Technology 101: 5 Key Questions and Answers” published in last month’s Cannabis Business Times, a source incorrectly stated the following: 

“Sanitary piping is prone to fatigue and failure {in CO2 extraction systems} because of its low-pressure rating, which is about 600psi (for minimum burst pressure). Separators should be constructed of Schedule 80 stainless steel pipe which has an estimated 2000 psi rating.” 


Both sentences are inaccurate and misleading. Here’s why: 


1. Pressure rating has nothing to do with fatigue or failure. It simply indicates the specified pressure at which the machine is equipped to perform.


2. Fatigue and failure only relate to the cyclic applications (repeated cycles), i.e., temperature and vibration. They are caused by poor selection of materials used in the equipment, or said another way, improper engineering design.


3. To recommend Schedule 80 stainless steel piping regardless of the application could actually jeopardize the efficiency of heat transfer in the system. Depending on the process and pressure applied, Schedule 80 piping could be too thick. 


The article would have been more accurate to report that any type of extraction equipment — and all machinery for that matter — requires proper selection of materials appropriate for the application.   

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