Power outage and backup generators – Here’s why Apeks Supercritical CO2 extractors don’t need them!

Washington State marijuana regulations state that processors need to have a backup generator adequately sized to properly shut down an extraction operation.  Here is how you can be in compliance with no generator when using an Apeks Supercritical extraction system:

Apeks Supercritical automated systems have multiple levels of safety built into the machines. When electrical power is disconnected from the machine, there are still safety features on the machine that will protect the machine from catastrophic failure.
When electrical power is lost, the pump(s) will immediately stop and all valves return to their normal resting state. Valve 0, which is the vent valve for the diaphragm compressor, opens to atmosphere so there isn’t any pressure trapped in the diaphragm compressor bypass line. This protects the pump during a subsequent startup so unnecessary stress isn’t placed on the mechanical compressor components.
CO2 flow is stopped in all areas so the only reason pressure would increase anywhere during a power outage would be temperature change in an isolated vessel. Since each area with significant CO2 volume has its own mechanical relief, all of the pressure vessels are protected against over-pressurization even in the absence of electrical power.
CO2 is non-flammable, so there’s no risk of explosion.

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