Call to the Press – Push Responsible Ohio to Divulge Who They Are.


Apeks Supercritical supports legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational use under a fair, competitive structure that does not cause unnecessary regulatory burden. Issue 3 does none of these and thus we oppose Issue 3.

We sent this letter to every Ohio newspaper with hopes they will be inspired to do the right thing and demand Responsible Ohio divulges all beneficiaries who would control our cannabis commerce!


Call to the Press – Push Responsible Ohio to Divulge Who They Are.

The First Amendment allows our media/press to hold politicians, public figures and movement leaders accountable for their actions. It is time for the press to hold Responsible Ohio accountable.

Responsible Ohio asserts their marijuana legalization model follows other states that have legalized – a “small number of regulated grows”. Responsible Ohio has successfully dodged the part of the model where they have to be awarded a license based on the merits of their business plan, experience of the owners, sources of funding, and ability to succeed. This application process, followed by intense examination for selection, has been critical to the success of legal marijuana programs in other states.

Of the 23 states who have legalized marijuana, not one has granted an unknown number of unidentified individuals a constitutionally protected license to cultivate and distribute an illegal product, as this would certainly bring scrutiny from the federal government.

There are no legal requirements for Responsible Ohio to divulge who they are, what their plan is, nor who the beneficiaries of the constitutional monopoly will be. Neither our policemen nor our politicians can force Responsible Ohio to show their faces, but our press can.

-Andy Joseph, Apeks Supercritical, Johnstown Ohio.

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