Apeks unveils fully automated, closed loop system

We completed development of our closed loop 1500-1L Benchtop CO2 extraction system. The new technology uses approximately 2-lb of carbon dioxide, runs off 110-volts, is a closed loop CO2 extractor (recovers the CO2 after use) and is fully automated. This 1500-1L is the first of its kind in the market place, it requires no input or oversight from an operator beyond filling the extractor with plant material, pressing start and removing the extracted oil. The 1500-1L is built off the successful 1500-1LV platform and is designed to operate in a light commercial environment with minimal power requirements. The system has its own electric high pressure CO2 pump and temperature control unit, both of which are designed to run off standard 110-volt circuits. The 1500-1L Benchtop utilizes the Valveless Expansion Technology (VET) also developed by Apeks. VET utilizes a proprietary decompression mechanism for separation of the extracted oils from the liquid or supercritical CO2 stream that has no constrictions and no let down valves to cause clogging in the system during operation

We are extremely excited about the ability to add full automation to the entire Apeks CO2 extraction production line while keeping the systems’ cost in the same price range industry is used to seeing. We plan to make similar changes to all of our systems in upcoming months and we are working on a retrofit for existing systems so that our current clients can enjoy the benefits of pressing the start button and knowing that everything else will happen automatically.


Apeks Fabrication 1500-1L

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