Safety First!

At Apeks Supercritical, our company culture includes safety as the most important aspect of running CO2 extraction equipment. Fortunately, the most extensive safety issue you’ll experience with CO2 extractors, is air quality monitors, to alert you of a CO2 leak.

Triple Relay CO2 Storage Safety Alarm

Triple Relay CO2 Storage Safety Alarm

$595 for the device, $100 for the strobe kit

  • Fast sensor measuring once per second
  • Three alarms and relays to meet all codes
  • 100% clean look on wall (all wires can be hidden in wall – nothing exposed)
  • Allows for battery backup input
  • Can be powered with attached 12 volt power supply OR with 24 volts directly in to the unit
  • 4-20 ma output for any facility that wants to see the measurements in a control room
  • IP65 enclosure
  • Altitude compensation on/off
  • Growers and extractors should opt for the strobe kit as well because of the noise from the ventilation systems

Personal Monitor and Data Logger

SAN-0001 Personal 5% CO2 Monitor and Data Logger


  • Designed as a “wearable” the SAN is a fast reacting and accurate CO2 detector.
  • It is also designed as a data logger so you can track your exposure throughout the day.
  • The device was designed and is manufactured to meet OSHA’s confined space regulations.

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