Refurbished CO2 Botanical Oil Extraction Machines

Affordable Oil Extraction Machines

Our refurbished systems offer a great opportunity to purchase one of our CO2 extraction systems at a discounted price. We frequently refurbish the i.1500-1L and i.2000-5LD models (although larger systems too) as customers capitalize on the Introductory Series trade-up plan. Up to 75% of the cost of our Introductory systems can go towards the purchase of a larger model when customers are ready to increase production with our expandable systems.

Certified & Reconditioned CO2 Extraction Systems

The refurbished/certified pre-owned systems undergo a complete re-certification and the same rigorous testing at our facility as our new systems, including a 48-hour dry run to be sure they are performing flawlessly. All refurbished systems include the full complement of parts and accessories with a 1 year warranty on all but the consumable components.

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