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Comparing Us to the Competition?  Use the guidelines below to help make the right choice:

"Time to achieve 90% completion", not yield.

There are a number of important factors to consider when comparing CO2 extraction equipment manufacturers (see below), and processing efficiency probably garners the most weight.  There are a lot of claims about processing efficiency today and it is important to compare apples to apples.  This can be done by asking 2 simple questions:

  1. What is the flowrate of CO2 at Pressure X and Temperature Y?
  2. What is the time to achieve 90% completion?
    • On decarboxylated material?
    • On non-decarboxylated material?

Most people tend to focus on yield because it is necessary to determine ROI calculations, however the real performance measure for extraction is time to achieve 90% completion per pound, i.e. the amount of time that the extraction system takes to remove 90% of the available oils from 1 pound of the raw plant material.  Yield is completely dependent on the amount of oil available in the raw plant material and yield can vary significantly depending on the quality of the material, the operating parameters and the processing time.  Just about any CO2 extraction system can remove 90% of the available oils – the difference between them is how much time it takes to do it!

Answer for Apeks Supercritical Systems

Helpful conversions to compare CO2 flowrate with competitive systems:
  • 2.5 Liters (L)/min = 0.55 gallons/minute = 2500 grams/minute = 150 L/hour = 33 gallons/hour = 150 kg/hour.

Once performance efficiency has been determined, then yields can be used for ROI calculations.  Remember, yields should not be used to compare systems, rather time to achieve 90% completion per pound.  Fill in the form at the top of this page to have a look at our ROI calculation document.

Quantity vs Quality

Now that the quantity of oil has been identified, the quality of oil must also be considered.  The ideal extraction process will extract the available oil efficiently and with minimal changes to the components in the oil.   Apeks Supercritical systems utilize Cold Separation through our Valveless Expansion Technology and our Diaphragm Pumping Technology.  Unlike competitive systems that apply large amounts of heat on the separation vessels, cold separation protects the extracted oil from thermal degradation, which has been shown to retain more terpenes and have a higher retained percentage of THC-A and/or CBD-A.

Decarb on your terms, not the machines!

Testing performed by Pro-Verde labs
Data provided by SJR Labs. Testing performed by ProVerde Labs.

Other important factors to consider when comparing Apeks to the competition

  • Years in business – 16
  • Experience in cannabis industry – 8+ years
  • Number of extraction systems placed in service – 450+
  • In house manufacturing capabilities (not just assembly) – yes
  • Systems designed for production scale botanical extractions (not adapted from another use) – yes
  • Years building fully automated systems – 4+
  • Degreed Engineers on staff – 6 (20% of staff!)
  • Onsite training included in purchase price – yes
  • Extended warranty plans available – yes
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