1500-1L Closed Loop Recirculating CO2 Benchtop Systems for Botanical Oil Extraction

Customer Testimonial: “Apeks Team – Our upgraded benchtop is running like a top!  Since getting the machine back in use, we are seeing real benefits associated with each of the modifications you introduced. For example, the changes to the hoses and connectors increased our ease of use dramatically.  We are very happy to be partnered with Apeks’ superior engineering and customer service.  R. Bourne, extractz.com.”

New and improved!  After nearly 2 years of proven service we have been able to incorporate several improvements into the 1500-1L to increase reliability and user satisfaction!

  • Proprietary CO2 pump seal material for 2X longer pump seal life which reduces maintenance intervals

  • Increased run time selection choices for extended extraction times

  • Electronic water flow switch to shut system down if recirculating chiller is not operating

  • New compression style orifice eliminates the need for Teflon tape and pipe fittings which can cause premature system shutdown

  • Filter addition to minimize oil carryover into CO2 pump internals

  • Live loaded valve packing seals to compensate for temperature variations


The 1500-1L is our smallest, most affordable closed loop, recirculating CO2 extraction system – designed specifically for small operations with limited power and or space availability.  Great for “clubs” or product development – this system is designed with the same technology as our larger systems in a smaller, more affordable package.

The patented (Patent No. 9132363) 1500-1L benchtop system allows users the ability to perform subcritical and supercritical CO2 botanical oil extractions without a large capital investment.   The system runs on standard 15A, 115V power and uses a CO2 pump to recirculate and recover the CO2 after use.  The system comes complete with a recirculating chiller/heater, tools and all connections necessary for performing CO2 extractions – just add CO2!

Looking to start small and grow?  We offer an upgrade credit up to 75% of the purchase price towards the purchase of a production 5L or 20L system!

System Features:

  • Quiet – 110V electrical pump means quiet operation
  • Simple to operate – no complicated control systems or computer interfaces.
  • “Set it and forget it operation” – hook up the CO2 cylinder and push start – the system does the rest automatically!
  • Safe – All vessels are designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME specifications and pressure ratings. Redundant safety features protect the system from accidental overpressurization.  Tubing connections are made with proven compression fitting technology – the same fittings are used on aircraft and off-shore oil platforms. Non-isolable pressure gages are on each pressure containing vessel for visual verification of depressurization prior to opening.
  • Easy to clean – All stainless steel construction. Vessels have polished interiors and quick opening/closing mechanisms. All tubing can be removed and re-assembled for thorough cleaning. Separators/collection vessels use FDA sanitary style fittings and connections.
  • Reliable – Patented (Patent No. 9132363) VET (Valveless Expansion Technology) – no constrictions or regulating valves to cause clogging of the system and loss of production time.
  • Effective – Extraction media is contained in extraction vessel with integral filters. Filters also act as a liquid CO2 dispersant to avoid channeling in the product. Reversible flow through the extractor ensures all material is extracted.
  • Easy to understand – visual indication of valve positions allows for easy assessment of flow paths and system configuration.
  • Small footprint – system is designed to minimize space requirements – all operations occur from the front of the system.

Prices for the 1500-1L start at $39,000

Cost co2 Extraction Systems Apeks

System Specifications:

Extraction Vessel

Apeks Supercritical 1500-1L Benchtop System Recommended Layout

Apeks Supercritical 1500-1L Benchtop System Recommended Layout

  • Volume: 1L vessel holds up to 1/2 pound of dried and ground material
  • Pressure – maximum system operating pressure – 1500 psi (103 bar).
  • Temperature – max 160F (71C)
  • Materials – 304 stainless steel except closure bolts which are zinc coated grade 8 steel. Vessel interior is polished to food grade level.
  • Closures – ASME flange, both ends
  • Sealing mechanism – self energized o-ring seals
  • Filter – integral filters on flanges. 20 micron standard, other sizes available.
  • Temperature measurement – internal K type thermocouple senses actual extraction temperature
  • Jacket volume – 0.5 Liters (0.11 gallon)
  • Safety – non-isolable spring loaded safety relief valve prevents accidental over-pressurization

Separator/Collection Vessel

  • Two piece jacketed separator/collection vessel
  • Volume: 1.5 Liter
  • Pressure – Maximum system operating pressure – 600 psi (41 bar).
  • Temperature – max 160F (71C)
  • Materials – 304 stainless steel
  • Closures – FDA sanitary style bolted
  • Sealing mechanism – sanitary gasket
  • Safety – non-isolable spring loaded safety relief valve prevents accidental over-pressurization

Separation Mechanism

  • Valveless Expansion Technology (VET) – flow path from extractor to separator is continuous diameter with no constrictions. Separation occurs in separator utilizing centrifugal separation and depressurization.

Heat Exchanger

  • Construction – tube in tube style
  • Materials – all 304 stainless steel
  • Cooling/Heating media – 50/50 glycol/water


  • Recirculating water chiller/heater
  • Temperature range: 0C to 70C (32F to 158F)

Physical Dimensions – Download the dimensional specs here: 1500-1L Spec Sheet

  • Extraction Unit – Length 20″, width 10″, height 24″
  • Pump – Length 24″, width 20″, height 18″
  • Chiller/heater – Length 24″, width 16″, height 24″


  • CO2 system – 115V, 2A
  • Pump – 115V, 16A full load
  • Chiller/heater – 115V, 12.5A full load
  • Safety – pressure transducers monitor system pressure and shut down system to prevent accidental over-pressurization

User Supplied System Requirements

  • Extractor Electrical – NEMA 5-15R wall receptacle with surge protector
  • CO2 pump Electrical – 20A 115VAC wall receptacle. NO GFI
  • Chiller/Heater Electrical – NEMA 5-15R wall receptacle. NO GFI (chiller is supplied with system)
    • NOTE: 2 separate 115V circuits are required for chiller and pump.
  • CO2 – 50# gas feed cylinder, beverage grade or better.

Prices for the 1500-1L start at $39,000

Cost co2 Extraction Systems Apeks