Live Resin Cannabis CO2 Extracts

April 4, 2017

We get a lot of Apeks Supercritical customers and clients asking us if our machines can create live resins and the answer is YES!  Check out the rest of Scott’s article here:

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Live Resin Cannabis CO2 Extracts

We get a lot of Apeks Supercritical customers and clients asking us if our machines can create live resins and the answer is YES!

Live resin extracts are increasing in popularity due to their unique flavors and medicinal properties. Live resin plants are created from fresh frozen plant material that does not go through the conventional curing process. Conventional live resin extracts are often made from butane extractions, but CO2 is the new kid on the block. Like the great Bob Dylan said, “times they are a changin” and people don’t want toxic solvents in their cannabis extracts anymore.

Live resin extracts are more flavorful and fragrant due to higher concentrations of terpenes. Terpene rich extracts are the future of cannabis therapies and CO2 extraction machines will allow your company to meet this growing demand for whole plant extracts. Live resin is often more granuale looking that conventional plant extracts due to the higher presence of THCa.

When it comes to the chemical makeup, live resins contain higher amounts of smaller monoterpenes that are most volatile to high heat and can even degrade at room temperature. The traditional curing process creates a plant material that is low in monoterpenes (myrecrene and linalool) and high in the bigger sesquiterpenes (beta-caryophyllene). – Both small and big terpenes provide unique medicinal properties.

Due to the high concentrations of terpenes, live resins appear more “fluid like” than cured plant material extracts. Over 50% of your plants terpene production can be destroyed during the curing phase.

If you are looking for the most fragrant and flavorful essential oils or cannabis extracts then freeze drying your plant material is the best way to go. Freeze dryers aren’t mainstream in the cannabis and essential oil markets, but if creating terpene rich extracts is a big part of your business then you may want to diversify some of the ways you prepare your plant material. By incorporating a freeze dryer into your fresh frozen extraction process you will be processing dryer material, which means higher yields.

It is important to note that freeze drying your bud does not decarboxylate late your plant material. Besides preserving cannabis in its optimum state, freeze drying can also drastically decrease the amount of time cannabis growers have to dry their buds. Time is money.

The average price for fresh frozen extracts is $25- $75 per gram!

Extraction artists can manipulate the texture by heating and purging off undesirables until they get the desired consistency. Follow me on Twitter and use #ApeksCO2 to post your favorite Apeks made extracts. If you want to contact me directly to talk about how your company can take advantage of CO2 technology please message me or email me at